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Taking a Cycling Trip around in Gambier

Is it possible to have an uninteresting holiday? Well, if you do not leave your motel all throughout, you will definitely be bored. To remedy the problem, you should look into a variety of hobbies and recreations that you can indulge in.

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But if you are holidaying in Mount Gambier, it would be a crime not to go cycling. Of course, to ensure complete enjoyment, you should make the necessary preparations.

Train – You may think that only athletes need to do this. But if you have been off the two-wheeled conveyance for quite some time, you should get a refresher and check your fitness level before you drive.

Equipment and Gear – Do you have a bike? Check. What about the gloves, helmet, padded shorts, clothing, food, and water? Regardless of the route you take, you must be prepared for any eventualities.

Now that you have everything ready, where do you go to next? While there are bike paths to choose from, such as the Pick Avenue, you should test your skills on road racing courses around Mount Gambier. At the Blue Lake Sports Park velodrome, a concrete track that stretches 250 metres long complete with 40 degree banking, is also available.

Since you now have everything that you need, start pedalling your way to a fun and exhilarating outdoor recreation.